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Mower 24" Flail



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Makita FLG5000 Flail mower

The Makita FLG5000 Petrol Flail Mower is driven by a clean, quiet-running and very economical four-stroke Honda engine, which drives a set of 24 flails for the fast and highly efficient clearance of large areas of well-establish brush and scrub. It has been designed to be compact enough to fit through a single gate, while being wide enough to cover large areas in a single pass. The FLG5000 is steered by applying the brake to the relevant wheel, allowing it to turn on its axis. The cutting width is adjustable.

Engine: 4-stroke Honda GX160
Cubic capacity: 5.5hp
Action: self-propelled
Cutting width: 50cm
Cutting Height: 20-80mm
Cutting mechanism: 24 flail shaft
Net weight: 97.5kg

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